Information For Readers

"Asia Matters: Business, Culture and Theory" (AM) is an international peer-reviewed Open Access journal that publishes original research papers on current Asian business and entrepreneurship developments and Asian business developments outside Asia. Business, society and culture are seen to be closely intertwined. Thus, AM is a multi-disciplinary journal that:

  1. Encourages a contextual and situational approach to business and entrepreneurial developments in Asia and of Asian firms outside Asia.
  2. Brings together analyses of business-related developments in and beyond Asia based on an interpretive paradigm.
  3. Captures the interconnectedness of intra-business and intra-enterprise dynamics in Asia and beyond with the societal context at multiple levels including the local, national and global environment

Articles published in AM are relevant for a global audience of scholars and academically inclined professionals and practitioners. The journal accepts business-related contributions based on various methodologies such as ethnographic research, interviews, discourse analysis, and well-balanced mixed methods papers from social sciences, business studies, humanities and development studies.
Areas of interest for AM include Asian business questions in and outside Asia such as: business developments in emerging economies, growth of contemporary art markets, the role of ethnic networks, business and development, gender issues in business, religion and business, the dynamics of migration and return migration in business development, sustainability of businesses, social and green entrepreneurship, state-business relations, the corporatization of states and non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurialism and new development models.